Cosplay and LARP can cost a fortune


Would you like to know how to build costume and armour,to be the envy of your friends and win competitions?


Ebook Packed with guides on: Costume,Props and Armour How to make themWhat you will need and at a price you can afford

Over 20 years ago Alex started playing LARP and came across the following problems

Costume was too expensive, Armour was too expensive , Had no idea how to make costume look amazing and authentic, didn’t know where to when building props. He learnt the hard way with over 20 years learning the trade and building  his own costume and armour he has decided to share what he has learnt while working on various projects. be that film, games or larp or Cosplay. The Crystal Anvil Ebook contains all of Alex’s knowledge about how to make Costume,props and Armour.What you will need to be able to make them , instructions and guides on how to make them and also how to make and afford making amazing costume at a price you can afford.   costumesample  

The Crystal Anvil will teach you How to make Amazing Costume Amazing Armour Amazing props All at a price that you can afford

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Including 50 patterns so offers you a total saving of  £175

Limited time offer of 20% off normally £25 

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