Today’s Featured Cosplayer Lolian Progress

Today’s Featured Cosplayer Lolian Progress Why do you cosplay? I really like the challenge of sewing and prop making but I’m not confident enough to [...]

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Kitacon 2014

A week after Kitacon is over, the post con blues are still going strong and normal life has now set in. The weekend began as [...]


Who Is Alex?

Alex is one of the team here at the Crystal Anvil and he will be bringing tips and tutorials to the community about costume and [...]

The Cosplay Gallery

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Halo M.k. VI Pepakura stage

Building Halo Armour: Cutting with a Silhouette Cameo

Apologies for a lack in content last week, I needed to resupply my inventory before continuing on with the series. Let’s get started! If this [...]

The elephant in the room

There is a rather fine documentary that has just been made called The Bells of Newtown, which does a fine job of showcasing the hobby in [...]