The Crystal Anvil Volume 1

Our original 308 page book complete with 16 Patterns

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Coming Soon - Build your own armour

using our ready cut kits, complete with leather, rivets, buckles and a full instructions.

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Sculpting - Moulding - 3D Modelling- Casting

Coming Soon – Pre Designed 3D costume fittings, pre cast prop & armour parts

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Featured Cosplayer Sakara

Featured Cosplayer Sakara

Sakara – costumer and model I currently cosplay Liara T’soni and Matriarch Benezia from Mass Effect, Nightingale armour from Skyrim, Twilek Sith inqusitor from Star Wars the Old Republic. I have done Selene from Underworld, Asajj Ventress from Star Wars... read more

The Crystal Anvil sells reference books and materials to enable people to make their own cosplay and LARP costume, props and armor

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