ca vol 1 coverFor over 20 years, I guess costuming has been nothing short of a growing obsession for me and despite a long career in business & sales, I always knew at some point it was one itch I just had to scratch, especially after getting involved in Larp over two decades ago.

Now 20 years on, having been lucky enough to have supplied & designed costumes and props to film, TV, Larp & Cosplay I thought it was time I started sharing not only my designs, but pretty much every little bit of my learning (so far) spending far more time sharing the whole learning process with you all.

My dream (in time) is to see The Crystal Anvil become one of the largest repositories of patterns, tutorials, designs and shared content/ideas on the internet. While many hundreds if not thousands of prop makers out there don’t manage to earn a full time living from this obsession, I very much hope the site will go some way towards supporting and encouraging all the new talent for the future.

 Can You Become Involved?

Hell yeah !!! As part of my mission, the doors are constantly open to anyone wanting to share something…. Whether it’s free or not, the idea here is quite simply to spread the knowledge while helping to fund further projects. Be it hosting your patterns, project guides, tutorials, kits or simply offering us a place to point enquiries for those followers wanting.

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About The Founder – Alex Agricola

Alex at work

I was born in London, England and recently moved to Birmingham in the West Midlands where I currently reside.

I was a theatrical Graduate of the Italia Conti Academy of Theatrical arts where I trained as a classical actor and went on to feature in film stage and TV as a child actor.

I’ve always pushed the boundaries, believing firmly “anything is possible” if you want it enough and I think time has proved my stubbornness absolutely right with successful projects including the creation and launch of one of the fastest growing RPG communities and online role-play’s as well as the inception of Lederkraft Studios which was a leader in the production and design of costumes, props and armours for various industries including Film, TV, Cosplay, LARP & Re-Enactment.

Now, with the fantastic support of thousands of followers I’m looking forward again to creating something for all the fans…


Final Word…

I thought this a good point before you begin surfing our pages to make a little mention about “All” the designs you see contained within this site. We will do our utmost to always give full credit where any is due and very much respect the copyrights of all artist work. It is by the same token that in the name of decency I ask anyone looking at my designs to show me the professional courtesy to respect the time and efforts that has gone into creating every design you see and to understand that while I am happy to allow the PERSONAL recreation of the patterns within this site for personal use or re-development, AT NO TIME do I grant permission to commercially reproduce of any of the designs and any such doing will be pursued through the legal system of any court in any country.

I am sorry to have to remind people of the above, but this  whole project and site is very much about supporting, nurturing and creating “new talent” with any income of this site going towards offering the community of crafters even more help.

As always I very much hope you enjoy the site and am always available for feedback 🙂


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