Apologies for a lack in content last week, I needed to resupply my inventory before continuing on with the series. Let’s get started!

If this is your first time using Pepakura, you may want to read my introduction to Pepakura first, in this installment I will be focusing on how to use a Silhouette Cameo and Pepakura Viewer 3 for Silhouette Cameo to cut out your Pepakura parts.

You will need:

It is important to note that you will need to purchase the full versions of both  Pepakura Viewer 3 for Silhouette Cameo and Pepakura Designer 3 in order  to cut the pieces at the correct scale to you, Pepakura designer will not save your scaled model unless it’s paid for and Pepakura Viewer will only cut the first page of your model if the trial version is active. Before you begin remember to make sure that all the latest drivers are installed onto your Silhouette Cameo.

Configuring Pepakura Viewer 3 for Silhouette Cameo:

Connect your Silhouette Cameo to the computer and open up Pepakura Viewer 3 for Silhouette Cameo, if you have not registered the software yet go to Help>Enter Password to do so. Next we will need to add registration marks onto each sheet of A4 paper, these marks tell the Silhouette Cameo how the paper is positioned so that a precise cut can be made, go to Settings>Registration-mark Settings… and a dialogue box will appear like this:









We can now open the model that have previously scaled in Pepakura Designer 3, to do this go to File>Open and select the saved .pdo file, the display will look familiar to the Pepakura Designer 3 interface with a few minor adjustments.







It is now a good idea to make sure that the parts on each page do not obstruct the registration marks, to do this go to File>Print Preview… check that each component does not cross either “L” shape in the top-left and bottom-right corners and the black square at the bottom left of the page, if they do you will need to go back into Pepakura Designer 3 and adjust their positioning.






Print each sheet out onto your card, do not use paper because it is not versitile enough and can compromise the structural integrity of the piece of armour. Peel back the adhesive backing on your Silhouette Cameo cutting mat and place the sheet flat with the black square located in the top-right (see image below)

the sheet is facing the correct way on the cutting mat

the sheet is facing the correct way on the cutting mat






Insert the mat into the Silhouette Cameo by selecting Load Cutting Mat and pressing the enter button on the display, set the blade to 2 and then hold down the arrow keys to move the white blade tip just over the black square.







In Pepakura Viewer 3 for Silhouette Cameo, go to File>Cut Developments… and select the page you have loaded into the Silhouette Cameo from the list, make sure that the printer is Silhouette Cameo and the Paper size is set to Letter, next open up Properties and make sure that the settings are as follows:

  • Paper Size: Letter
  • Check “Use Carrier Sheet”
  • Unit: mm
  • Design Orientation: Portrait



While inside this menu go to “Cutline Settings” to set up areas where the Silhouette will score and not cut, make sure to do the following:

  • Click on “Add”
  • Modify the colour to Red
  • Set the Cutline to “Dashed Line”
  • Set the Cut Line Segment and “Uncut Line Segment” to 0.5mm
  • Use “Save As” and save this somewhere safe so that the next time you wish to cut with your silhouette all you will need to do is open the file.

Finally click on the “Controller” tab to open the cameo controller, in this window make sure that the following is done:

  • Media Type: Card Without Paper Backing
  • Checked “Registration Marks”
  • Set “Distance Between Registration Marks” as Width 187.0mm and Length as 250.0mm
  • Press “Registration Mark Reading”  if you have aligned the blade with the black square, if not do this now and then press “Registration Mark Reading”


The Silhouette Cameo will then scan the registration marks, this usually takes about 10 seconds. If  you don’t see an error message then the machine is ready to cut, close the controller and press OK on the Properties and Print Setup to begin cutting. The machine will then cut and score the piece and will stop making noise when it has finished.

The precise Silhouette result held up to the light

The precise Silhouette result held up to the light


Carefully remove the excess and peel the mat away from the piece, to not attempt to peel the card away as it will curve and cause deformities in the final product. Fold and glue the parts together to their corresponding numbers and you will eventually complete your armour piece. The next step in support and reinforcement, but I will cover that in the next post (Stay tuned)




Building Halo Armour: Introduction to Pepakura


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