Our Patterns

The following pages contain galleries of our existing patterns split up across a number of categories.

We are planning on releasing these patterns as kits so that anyone will be able to make their own at home, but in order to do so we’d like to know which you would like us to release first.


In order for you to vote you must be logged in, you can log in or register as a new user  using the box to the right of the screen, once logged in you get 3 votes, so choose your 3 favorite items from all those displayed in the galleries bellow, you can only vote once per image but you can spread your votes as you wish, for example you might wish to vote for 3 different body armours, or you could spread your votes across 2 or 3 galleries voting perhaps for a helm, a pouch and a set of vambraces, the decision is yours, but have a look in all the galleries below before deciding, once you have cast your votes there’s no going back.

To vote simply click on the thumb beneath the three pictures you wish to vote for, the thumb is only visible to logged in users.

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