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I currently cosplay Liara T’soni and Matriarch Benezia from Mass Effect, Nightingale armour from Skyrim, Twilek Sith inqusitor from Star Wars the Old Republic. I have done Selene from Underworld, Asajj Ventress from Star Wars the CLone Wars, Callisto from Xena and many many others. I’m working on Morrigan from Dragon Age Inquisition, Alter Elf from The Elder Scrolls Online cgi trailer and Maleficent (movie)

Ive been making and wearing costumes since i was a kid but my first proper costume was around 1996 where i made a version of Batman Returns Catwoman. I’ve learnt alot since then!

See above, though you could count my Wilma Deering my mum and i made when i was 7! Wilma Deering was my first role model, she was confidant, was powerful and looked amazing! Catwoman has always been a love of mine and i fell in love with Michelle Pfeiffer’s portrayal of her, plus the costume was epic!

My first convention was Warp 2 back in 1997. I had won tickets to it and i admit if i hadnt i may never have gone as i thought they were full of middle aged men in bad star trek uniforms and not something that would interest me. Boy was i happy to be wrong!

My favourite costume? All of them! i dont do a costume unless i feel a connection to the character. I guess the ones i get and got the most out of have been Callisto, Asajj Ventress, Selene and Liara.


I’d say 90% of my costumes were made by me, although i have employed the skills of others to make prosthetics and weapons for me. The one costume i did nothing for was my BSG viper pilot as a group of friends and i wanted to all have the same look so we got our suits of ebay then paid a friend of ours to mod them to be more acccurate. Hardest challenge is with each costume i make as there is always something new to learn. I guess learning how to apply a bald cap was one of my biggest challenges as i wanted to look like a real bald head. I got plenty of advice from some of the big names in the special effects makeup business and i guess trial and error till i feel i got it spot on. After that it’s been learning new special effects makeup skills, including airbrushing and such.

I do modelling ( not so much these days) and i guess my love of makeup is a hobby of mine.

Conventions this year – the only con will be there all weekend for is London MCM Expo in May, Others like LFCC i will do maybe a day.

Cosplay has given me wonderful opportunities to meet like minded people, who have become dear friends of mine and one even my fiancée! But if anything my life has had an impact of my cosplay. I have a chronic illness (fibromyalgia) that has impacted my hobbies quite a bit, but it is the love of the creativity in cosplay that has not let the illness stop me.

One of the oddest and i guess funniest moments was when i was dressed as Xmen last Stand Storm at a charity event in north Wales. I had some of the oddest comments, 2 of which ive never forgotten 1 – How do you get your eyes like that? ( i was wearing white contacts) and 2 – Love your hair, it really looks good on your skin tone ( I had the white wig and dark tanned makeup on!) Thing was they werent joking or being sarcastic, they were both genuinely honest comments!!

There is this page and i also have a deviant Art page

a cosplay Island profile

Any last words?..i always say to anyone wanting to get into cosplay. DO characters you love and have some connection with. You will enjoy it far more than wearing something someone else tells you to wear. Dont listen to trolls, and above all else OWN the cosplay you are wearing!


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